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July 22, 2020

Legacy: The 2013 Bears

The Turning Point

October 11, 2013 - The Bears welcomed St. Mary into Jonesville in the first district game of the season. Coach Vault had to change it up as he moved Trevor Vault to the quarterback position and removed O’Steen. 
This was a shootout of a game that ultimately ended with the good guys picking up their first win of the season. The Bears defeated the Tigers 46-34. 
The Bears first score came early in the first quarter when a fumble by the Tigers was picked up on the Bears 10-yard line and returned 90 yards by Raymond Plummer. Bears took an 8-0 lead. 
St. Mary then went on a little run of their own scoring 14 unanswered points and gaining the 14-8 lead over the Bears. 
With just 5 seconds left before halftime Trevor Vault connected on a pass to Plummer for the touchdown. Plummer also pushed the ball across the line for the two-point conversion and Block had a 16-14 lead at halftime. 
The Tigers would score early in the third quarter and take a 20-16 lead but Trevor Vault was not having it. The Bears drove down inside the Tigers red zone but faced a 4th down and 11 yards to go. Vault tossed one to the end zone for a 25-yard touchdown pass to Plummer. Raymond Plummer made himself heard in this game. Bears took a 22-20 lead.
Like I mentioned earlier, this was a shootout game. Late in the third quarter the Tigers take the lead back on a quarterback sneak from the one-yard line. The Tigers had 28 and the Bears had 22. 
Bears next possession saw good field position after a good kickoff return. Vault passed the ball to Plummer for a 43-yard completion and downed at the two-yard line. Vault punched it in two plays later and gave the Bears a 30-28 lead. 
Fourth quarter and Plummer was at it again. He had some big runs on a drive and would eventually find his way into the end zone while carrying some Tigers with him. The score now 38-28 under 4 minutes to go. 
St. Mary would run down the field and score quickly. The Bears next drive would put the nail in the coffin as there was a 45-yard touchdown run by Raymond Plummer. Plummer had 5 total touchdowns on the day. Two receiving, two rushing, and one fumble return. 
Just like that, momentum had finally found its way to the Block Bears. They were clicking on the field. They put a win on their record to bring it to 1-5, 1-0 in district, and they were not going to be done there. 
To be continued...

LHSAA pauses sports for now; 
season still possible

Eddie Bonine, executive director of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA), announced last week that contact sports such as football, basketball, and soccer will not be played until “phase 4.”
This includes practices and scrimmage games. Phase 3 shows that teams can hold inter squad practices. Summer rules are in place right now which means that teams are running drills, but they are “unorganized team activities.” 
Schools are scheduled to have first OTAs (organized team activities) of the season on August 10th. For contact sports we would have to be in phase 3 for this to take place. 
Louisiana remains in phase 2 which began on June 8th. 
The figure below is from the LHSAA. It is a list of sporting events and when they can and cannot be played. Darker shade blocks are a no go and lighter shade blocks mean yes.